Tempting, interesting new things showing up on your pages/posts?


Have you seen this near the bottom of your pages… it says “A  New And Improved Divi Builder Experience Is Available!  Switch to the New DIVI Builder.” 

The picture above shows items now appearing on your pages/posts.  Please DO NOT click on Switch to the New DIVI Builder link.  This link changes the appearance, layout and functionality of the Divi Builder. 

If you did click it while on your club’s website, please click the “Switch Back to Classic Divi Builder” to return to the familiar Divi Builder layout.

Curiosity is a good thing and trying out new things is even better… but please do not be tempted to click on things that you have not been trained on!  If you have a question, please submit a ticket and we will get back to you!


Have a Safe and Happy New Year!