Photo copyrights

Respect copyrights.  You cannot use a photo or cartoon you see on the internet without the owner’s permissions.   There are sites with copyright free (or subscription fees) that you can use. 

Missing Text update

If you are still not seeing text in your text module, sometime by opening it, closing it and then immediately opening it again will cause the text to show. 

Missing text in module

There have been some reports of people not seeing the contents of a text module, but the module shows the text on the website.   The IT department is aware of the problem and researching solutions.   In the meantime, I suggest that you highlight...

The eyeball

The eyeball   When you use a module to the left of the “Save and Exit” you will see an icon that looks like an eyeball.  If you click it (takes a little time) you will see how your page looks on a computer screen, a tablet, and a cell phone.  This...

login help and what not to click

If you are having trouble logging into your sign from the regular log in, try going to your site’s,  URL (address)  add to your URL  This will take you to the login. Be careful, because we are using a “package” from...