Latest News!

Latest Divi Builder Experience – Coming Soon!

Target Completion date to have all club websites converted is July 1, 2021

The Rec Centers will be updating all websites to “The Latest Divi Builder Experience” by this Summer.  We find this new version very close to the current Divi Builder so this should be an easy transition for you, our Club Content Managers.

Want to migrate to the New Builder sooner?

If a club would like to move to the new Divi Builder before our summer mandatory conversion, please submit a help ticket in the dashboard and we will update your club website.

Note: This change will affect ALL Content Managers for a club website.

This will resolve the missing text and duplicate toolbar issue some clubs are experiencing and it should be a simple transition for you.

Need Help?

Gene Mitofsky, our volunteer trainer, has created a video showing the Divi “Text” Module using The Latest Divi Builder Experience.  You can view it here: Divi Builder Tutorials

Gene has also created a Training Page he uses when training Content Managers.  He has updated his webpage with the latest Divi Builder and you can see a link at the top of his page.  Here’s a link:  Gene’s Training Page

Nothing else is changing regarding club website requirements

And, as always, you can submit a ticket in your dashboard if you need help or have questions.

Thank you,
Diana Starbuck
RCSCW Information Systems Help Desk Lead

NextGen Gallery – Retiring Use

Divi “Gallery” Module for Photo Galleries

All new photo galleries should be done with the Divi “Gallery” Module and not the NextGen Gallery plugin. You may also use the Divi “Image” Module for individual photos when appropriate.

There have been numerous issues with the NextGen Gallery plugin with every update to the system.  When we migrated all websites in 2017-2018 to the New Divi Theme we grandfathered in the NextGen Gallery plugin which should be for historical use only. 

Thank you, 

Update: Need Help Creating a Divi Gallery?

See Gene’s Video on how to create a Divi Gallery or download the written instructions.

Thank you, 

Maintenance Notification – Server Patch

Server Maintenance Notice

Our Web Hosting service is installing patches on the web server to stay ahead of potential security vulnerabilities. Between Tuesday, May 26, 2020 12:00 AM and Tuesday, June 02, 2020 12:00 AM MST, you may experience up to 30 minutes of intermittent interruption while they are installing the patches.

After the patches are installed, they will reboot the server and you’ll be up and running.



SSL Certification – Issue Resolved

SSL Certificate Security Warning – Resolved

The SSL Certificates update has completed.  You should no longer receive a security error.  If you continue to have any issues, please submit a ticket or email

Thanks again for your patience as we worked through this migration.



Clubs Website Migration – Completed

Migration Update – Completed

We have completed the migrating of all club websites housed on to a new server.  Moving the club websites to this new server will provide faster, more secure service and be more cost effective. 

The Migration took a bit longer than anticipated by our Vendor, but it is now available for updates to be made by Club Content Managers.  The SSL Certificate has still not been applied to all the domains however this should be completed within the next 48-72 hours.   

Until the SSL Certificates update has completed you may receive a security error.  Depending upon the browser you use to access the websites the screen may look similar to one of the following screens:


As a Content Manager you may elect to wait to update or view your club website or you can proceed by clicking Advanced or Details and proceed to your club website.  This will resolve itself once the SSL certificates have updated.

Thank you again for your patience as we work to improve the websites!



Clubs Website Migration – Update

Migration Update – Delay by Vendor


We contacted our Vendor today and unfortunately they had an issue with the server migration so the completion has been delayed.  They anticipate it could be another 4-6 days before they complete the migration. The websites are still available for viewing. 

Please continue to hold off on populating information on your club websites as they have already taken a snapshot of the data so anything added will be lost.  

I will update this post when the migration has been completed and the websites are again available for updating.  We will also send another email to the Club Presidents and Content Managers.


Thank you again for your patience as we work to improve the websites!



Clubs Website Migration

Please see the important notification below that was sent to all
Club Content Managers and Club Presidents.

Of particular interest to you as Club Content Managers – Beginning Next Wednesday February 19, 2020 – Content Managers SHOULD NOT add, change or delete content on the websites during this time. 

I will update this post when the websites are back up and available.

Thanks for your patience!



*Important Notification*

February 14, 2020

Attention All Club Content Managers and Club Presidents:

The Recreation Centers of Sun City West has two important issues you need to know about:

1. We are migrating all club websites housed on to a new server.  Moving the club websites to this new server will provide faster, more secure service and be more cost effective.

During the migration, visitors/viewers to your club websites will still be able to see your website content. The big difference is the Content Managers SHOULD NOT add, change or delete content on the sites during this time.  Please make any changes needed on your site prior to Wednesday, February 19, 2020. Any changes made after that date may be lost during the transition.

The migration will begin Wednesday, February 19, 2020, and for over 100 club websites it is anticipated to take 7-10 days for the entire migration to be completed.  We will notify you once the migration has been completed and you are able to again begin updating your websites.

2. Secondly, we have restricted the use of Member Validator to approved IP addresses only after becoming aware that some members were using this service at their homes. Member Validator is intended for use in club facilities only. While we understand this may be inconvenient for some, it will better protect our members’ information. All club facilities will be whitelisted by Wednesday, Feb. 19. If you have trouble accessing Member Validator after the 19th, please email

Thank you for your patience as we completed these upgrades for better performance and security for our members!

Thank you,

Katy O’Grady
General Services Officer


Divi Builder – New Update

Does your Divi Builder look wrong???

You may have inadvertently converted to the new Divi Builder.  Our Volunteer Trainer – Gene Mitofsky – has been working with a few clubs  to resolve the issue and go back to the Classic Divi Editor.

If you are having any issues please submit a ticket or contact Gene Mitofsky at 623-505-7206,

Divi Issue – Resolved!


This issue has been resolved.  If you have any problems with your website please submit a ticket or email

Thank you for your patience as we resolved this issue!

Divi Builder Issue

There has been an issue with the Divi builder on several Club websites.  The Divi Builder is not editable and you cannot create a new page using the Divi Builder. We are working on resolving the issue but there is not a current ETA on when it will be resolved.

NOTE:  This issue is NOT on ALL Club websites just a few.