Gene's Column

Tips, tricks and other things from our Volunteer Trainer Gene Mitofsky!

Photo copyrights

Respect copyrights.  You cannot use a photo or cartoon you see on the internet without the owner’s permissions.   There are sites with copyright free (or subscription fees) that you can use. 

Missing Text update

If you are still not seeing text in your text module, sometime by opening it, closing it and then immediately opening it again will cause the text to show. 

Missing text in module

There have been some reports of people not seeing the contents of a text module, but the module shows the text on the website.   The IT department is aware of the problem and researching solutions.   In the meantime, I suggest that you highlight and copy the text from the website, then open a new text module and paste in the text.  Preview the page and if both texts appear.  If they both appear then delete the problem module and keep new module.

The eyeball

The eyeball   When you use a module to the left of the “Save and Exit” you will see an icon that looks like an eyeball.  If you click it (takes a little time) you will see how your page looks on a computer screen, a tablet, and a cell phone.  This can be handy specially to see how a photo will look. 

Also, always remember to name you module.  At the bottom where is says “Admin label” leave the type of module but add a short description.  By doing this you can easily find the module you need from among many on a page.

login help and what not to click

If you are having trouble logging into your sign from the regular log in, try going to your site’s,  URL (address)  add to your URL  This will take you to the login.

Be careful, because we are using a “package” from WordPress and DIVI there are a lot of things offered to click on, BUT DON’T.  Updating and adding features are done ONLY by the Rec Center website maintenance staff.  If by accident you click on something you don’t think is right, let the Rec center know (submit a ticket).  One “by accident update” click can change the entire look when you add or edit a page. If this happens (and you aren’t the first do to this), it is an easy fix for the Rec Center website maintenance staff.

Post Meetings and Single Space text

I will be posting tips and suggestions at least twice a month.   Please check this site often for the latest news and tips.

Did you know… that hitting the enter and shift key will allow you to single space.  

POST YOUR GENERAL MEETINGS and other important events like Board meetings.  By having these dates online, everyone is officially notified well in advance of the meeting.  Encourage the club members to regularly check the club’s website.  All club Presidents signed for their clubs next year schedule including meeting dates during the preceding September month.   Ask your President to the future dates.

Introducing Gene Mitofsky

It is my pleasure to introduce Gene Mitofsky our Volunteer Website Trainer.  Gene has graciously agreed to write a column for our Content Manager Communications Website which will include tips, tricks and other tidbits of knowledge to share with both New Content Managers and Seasoned Content Managers alike.  

Gene brings a vast experience in working on our websites and doing one-on-one trainings with our Content Managers.  He brings a long history of teaching, a good understanding of the Recreation Center Website Requirements and a strong knowledge of our Divi Builder and all it’s features!  He has even created numerous videos and documents to share with our Content Managers.  Check them out here.

Please join me in welcoming Gene to this website and check back frequently for his latest posts to this column!

Thanks for all you do Gene!